Sarah Howard: Education Consultation, Executive Skill Support
Licensed B.C. Teacher, B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed. (Special Education)

Education Consultant: Sarah Howard B.A. B. Ed. (Special Education)Sarah Howard develops larger solutions in the changing world of education, especially in the areas of learning disabilities, giftedness, social difficulties, and ADHD. She provides a crucial link between governing bodies, schools, psychologists, remediation facilities, students and their families.

Sarah created Mosaic Education Solutions after seeing the need for a connection between people and resources. As a big picture thinker, Sarah thrives on creating specialized education plans for students, taking into consideration their interests and unique strengths to create a successful learning path. Solution-focused, Sarah likes to find concrete, step-by-step solutions that are easily executable, often by connecting pre-existing resources into a new model.

Sarah brings to the table a wealth of education and experience. She has completed a Bachelors Degree in Arts (Art History) at the University of Victoria, a Bachelors Degree in Education at UBC, as well as a Master’s Degree in Special Education at UBC with a focus on Learning Disabilities and Social Emotional Learning. If you are interested in highlights of the academic work Sarah completed during her Masters Degree, please view her Electronic-Portfolio.

As the former director of Eaton Learning Centre (ELC), Sarah worked in conjunction with licensed BC psychologists to administer A and B level measures, write clear, functional psycho-educational assessment reports, and provide follow-up services to hundreds of families throughout British Columbia. Families appreciated Sarah’s unique ability to communicate the results of a psycho-educational assessment report in a manner they could easily understand.

Sarah has also worked with Fraser Academy as Director of Transition Services, helping prepare students for transition from high school to the work force or post-secondary education. In this role, she also trained staff in best practices for students with learning difficulties. On a more personal note, Sarah has learned a great deal from navigating the public and private education systems in BC as the mother of a student who is both gifted and learning disabled (GLD).

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