BOY“An open, curious and knowledgeable mind is needed to provide more complex educational solutions for children. Sarah combines these talents and abilities with compassion and caring. I highly recommend parents seeking innovative and insightful solutions for their child’s education contact Sarah.”

-Howard Eaton, Ed.M., Founder/Director, Eaton Arrowsmith School (Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey) Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre Magnussen School

“Sarah Howard was recommended to me after my daughter was diagnosed with ADD (inattentive) at the end of grade 8. My daughter didn’t have great grades and was struggling with a lot of anxiety. Sarah worked with her as a personal coach to not only improve her study and organizational habits, but was wonderful in explaining how her brain worked differently than other kids in a very positive way. She helped my daughter’s self-confidence, and kick-started her road to really good grades.I then had my son who was diagnosed with ADD (hyperactivity) see Sarah for help with his impulsivity and communication skills. I often recognize him using the skills she taught him. These skills have been extremely beneficial to our family. I am so thankful for having Sarah as a resource for me and my children.”

-Mother of grade 10 and grade 7 student

“My husband and I wanted to send you a big thanks for your help; we would have continued to send Liam to tutoring-type programs hoping that would help him; but really he would have continued to put his energy into something that wasn’t the right fit. As a result of coming to visit you, we feel that we have Liam on the right path and have probably bypassed years and years of providing him inadequate resources, and a frustrating school experience.”

-Nicola, mother of Liam, grade 3 public school student

“Sarah has a great way of cutting through the jargon of edu-speak and psycho-speak to make psycho-educational assessment and differing learning profiles understandable to anyone. I would highly recommend her services.”

-Maureen Steltman, Head of School, Fraser Academy

“You succeeded where so many, haven’t even tried! You have him intrigued, and for the first time in probably a decade, he is wanting to know more and see some possibilities for himself. It has been along time since I have seen that light bright in his face. I guess after all these years, for him to finally meet someone whom understood what he was going through, this is very encouraging. Thank you so very much!”

-Deborah Taschuk

“I wanted you to know that your recommendations had a very positive effect for my son. He loves school, is diligently working hard on his program there and is showing progress. I can see his self-acceptance growing and his confidence is making a comeback. I want to thank you because if it wasn’t for you we would never have known this option was even available.”

-Lorrie Lucas

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