Support Services for Neurodiverse Individuals and Families in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, Canada.
Services - Custom-fit to your needs

Custom-fit to your needs


Note: All mosaic services are now available by video conferencing

It is crucial to recognize that neurodiverse individuals often have unrecognized skills and talents. These abilities can be highlighted, encouraged and developed in the right environment.

Sarah Howard provides private consultation to identify the most appropriate educational and possible vocational paths for individuals who are neurodiverse. From the standpoint of formal education and learning, Sarah is familiar with a variety of public, private and alternative or gifted education options as well as remediation models, including the Orton Gillingham Method, Arrowsmith and other cognitive exercises, Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) and many others. She works in collaboration with Psychologists, Psychiatrists and various other specialists and agencies.


Consultation can include but is not limited to:

• Understanding educational psychological assessment: Mosaic works in collaboration with licensed BC Psychologists who administer full psycho-educational and neuropsychological assessments. Once an assessment is complete, a consultation meeting can help “unpack” the meaning of assessment results including: the impact on school, home or work environment, planning for future education, understanding issues with organization, planning, time management and procrastination and understanding various forms of remediation.

• For adults who suspect they may be neurodiverse but have not had a formal assessment, consultation can provide an exploration of “strengths and stretches” to help the individual better understand themselves.

• Transition planning – junior-to-senior school, senior school-to-post-secondary, post-secondary-to-work.

• Understanding an IEP (Individual Education Plan) – learning how to handle school meetings, learning how to advocate for your child at the school level.

• “Mosaic Education Planning” – designing a customized plan based on an individual’s learning profile, learning needs and interests.

• Summary and integration for individuals who have had multiple assessments and would like to see the “big picture.”

• Parent coaching to support executive skills for parents who would like to know how to support their student’s executive skills at home and school (organization, planning, time management etc.)

Referral to specific, targeted services in the community.